CBA-Li Qiuping: Xinjiang senior officials tearfully invite to win the championship within 2 years at the latest_1

CBA-Li Qiuping: Xinjiang senior officials tearfully invite to win the championship within 2 years at the latest
May 21st, Valentine’s Day on the Internet, because this number signifies my willingness.But on this day, the Qingdao Double Star men’s basketball players are experiencing a parting.Because coach Li Qiuping, who led them to the best record in team history last season, announced that he will no longer coach the double star men’s basketball team next season, and Xinjiang will be the next stop in his coaching career.Faced with such changes, too many people already know.But when Director Li announced the news to everyone at the farewell banquet, the players were still sad.After all, the glory of last season is still in sight. Players and fans are all looking forward to Xiao Zhuge’s glory in Qingdao.Li Qiuping’s Xinjiang team was not under consideration. Reporter: When will the decision to coach in Xinjiang be made?  Li Qiuping: Five or six clubs came to me in the regular season last season, including Foshan and Fujian.It should be said that the Xinjiang team was not within my consideration at that time, because it was too far over there, and each time I played away, I had to fly for several hours.But after a more casual chance after the season, the leaders of Xinjiang Guanghui Group met me in Shanghai and their sincerity moved me.  Reporter: Is it because the conditions offered there are more favorable?  Li Qiuping: The signing of Xinjiang has nothing to do with the money. I haven’t even paid off the salary they offered, and I also understand that this double star salary will definitely promise me.What I value is the recognition of the club by leaders from Xinjiang.At that time, the leaders of the Guanghui Group told me that they spent a lot of money last season but did not make the playoffs. As a result, they were asked everywhere, and were said to feel that they could not lift their heads.He spoke with tears when he said these things to me.I felt at that time that the leaders care so much about this team, and this club is definitely hopeful.  Reporter: Here in Qingdao, I really hope you stay.  Li Qiuping: To be honest, I am an emotional person, and making this decision is not easy.I have been to Qingdao for a year. I have met many good friends both in Chengyang Base and in the city. I also have some relatives here.Every three people will gather together, so there is really no feeling of leaving home in Qingdao this year.At the end of the season, President Chai (Chairman of Double Star Group) and Discipline Bureau (Qi Gaoshang, Director of Qingdao Sports Bureau) also talked to me about contract renewal, indicating that our goal is to reach the playoffs in the year, but I have consideredStill decided to go out and try again.  Reporter: Will you bring the coach team here in Xinjiang?  Li Qiuping: Only Guidance Zheng (Assistant Zheng Zhilong) and I passed by, and other coaches will not move, including Guidance Ye (Ye Peng). This is my principle.In fact, I have other considerations for not renewing the contract with Double Star. When I was away from Shanghai, I promised a few coaches who had coached with me before. When I was stable, I would take them all.When I go to Xinjiang this time, I will bring those coaches together, and they all sign a guarantee contract.I hope my team has no worries.If they are taken to Qingdao, I believe that Double Star can be arranged, but the coaches here are enough. How to digest so many coaches is also a problem.A reporter who quarreled with his wife in Qingdao: Now I think that the past season is indeed a very beautiful season.  Li Qiuping: First of all, I would like to thank every member of this team, whether it is player coaches or staff.When I first came to Qingdao Doublestar through a thread drawn from the middle by a good friend of my wife, after all, I had been off for five years, and many people did not believe me. The contract that Doublestar had at the time was quite harsh.Signing a contract is a shameful thing, and I quarreled with my wife for this.Later, I would like to thank the Director of Discipline for his support, including many things last season.  Reporter: Xinjiang Men’s Basketball is not an easy coaching team.  Li Qiuping: I also know that coaching in another place may be good or bad.Staying in Qingdao, the environment here is very good, there are many friends; the only goal to go to Xinjiang is to win the championship, the runner-up is a failure.Although I haven’t made a counter offer for the salary offered to me there, I also made it clear that the team’s business must be the same as I was in Qingdao last season. They (the Xinjiang Club) also agreed, and the team listened to me., I also asked to write this in the contract, we both signed a three-year contract.  Reporter: Your departure will definitely have an impact on the Double Star team.  Li Qiuping: I understand that my departure now will definitely have an impact on the team. Here I am, they (double star players) will be more confident. After all, double foreign aid next season will be much harder than the third foreign aid last season.I also give them some suggestions, that is, the defense must be improved, to make the whole more durable.Last year Zhang Chengyu and Luo Xudong went up, and this year there is one less foreigner, so we need to put more emphasis on integrity.Just like this year’s NBA Hawks, speed up and shoot decisively.In fact, there is no star, which is a good thing and a bad thing. There may be no one to score at the critical moment, but if you open the opponent as a whole, it is more difficult to prevent.  Reporter: Any good suggestions for the construction of the club?  Li Qiuping: Now there are only two possibilities to improve performance, one is to introduce talents; the other is to make major adjustments and let young people play, and see the results after three years.There is no one in the market right now. Players like Li Gen can’t get a salary without four or five million.But we don’t have particularly good seedlings in the second team now. I used Yao Ming’s team in Shanghai to cut off the old ones and made preparations for three years. But if I can’t play for two consecutive yearsWell, I’m afraid that the leader will be unhappy.Go to Xinjiang to win the championship at the latest two years Reporter: The goal of going to Xinjiang is very clear is to win the championship, then when do you feel it will be achieved?  Li Qiuping: This team is very promising to win the championship, I feel the latest two years.The problem I have now is that according to the normal contract, I should report to Xinjiang on June 1, but most of the players there are not there. Liu Wei, Zhou Qi, and Ma Kan are on the national team, Xirelijiang is healing, and Liu Shunan is also.Come back at the end of the month.The remaining main forces include Su Wei, Cao Fei, and Yu Changdong, so practicing now is actually doing useless work.I was at Double Star last year, and the players are there anyway, and the ideas can be carried through.In Xinjiang, until the members of the Asian Championship national team come back in September, there is nothing to practice.So many of my ideas cannot be implemented this year, and should be similar in two years.  Reporter: Everyone thinks that Zhou Qi should have a big development in your hands, just like Yao Ming.  Li Qiuping: When I was in Seattle this year, Zhou Qi participated in the World Basketball Junior Summit in Portland, and we met.The question about his entry into the NBA is just like Yao Ming’s back then.Yao Ming was caught by the NBA in 1999, but he still had room to improve at the time. Scouts also believed that he was ranked lower at that time, and it was different by 2001.Zhou Qi also has a lot of room for improvement. The advantage for the Chinese to go to the NBA lies in height and flexibility. However, Zhou Qi is too thin now, and he cannot compete with the players there.  Reporter: Ever thought about being the head coach of the national team in the future?  Li Qiuping: (laughs) I may not be the head coach of the national team. For example, I think the training time of the national team is too early, and the leader is definitely not willing.If I had the final say, I would let the players concentrate again in June.After all, players need to rest after the league.Zhang Chengyu came back from the Olympic Games tonight. He heard that both the meniscus and the Achilles tendon were injured. This rhythm injury is too normal.There are also members of Beijing Liaoning who go to the plateau to practice physical fitness one week after the finals.

8 female musicians ask about love, age thinking and self-worth

8 female musicians ask about love, age thinking and self-worth
From the end of 2019 to the beginning of 2020, many outstanding female musicians collectively put forth force and launched new works one after another.”Female power”, “self-worth”, “courage”, “unique” and “truth” are all keywords that appear frequently in their works. They are interlocking and have many meaningful connections.Therefore, the sauna night network specially opened the “female musician quiz relay competition”, invited Li Min, Zhou Bichang, Chen Shanni, Dai Ailing, Lu Jiaxin, Wang Ruolin, Yang Chenglin, A-Lin eight female singers, respectively, proposed by the next reporter interviewerThe question finally got the following life answers that are sincere and interesting, or have settled through time.Li Min asked Zhou Bichang the clue of his work: “Uniqueness is a kind of fashion, not to please anyone’s eyes, we chase our dreams, and confidence is my wing.”-Li Min” Fancy “Li Min: How did you grow into the unique” singer Zhou Bichang “look?In these years of acting career, have you ever thought of giving up?Zhou Bichang: There are many factors behind how a person grows into a certain shape. The most important one is probably because I still have certain cleanliness for what I like.I used to make some compromises in some commercial cooperation OST, but when I was making an album, I still made the music I really liked. I think this part really made me grow up to be myself now.Even if you give up, you can say that you have or have n’t, because I do n’t think I can completely retire, making music is still a happy thing.Zhou Bichang asked Chen Shanni: The clue of her work: “She resets the logic of nature, the mystery of her re-existence, she rebuilds impermanent life, and it is a legend to meet herself again.”Zhou Bichang” One Body “Zhou Bichang: If there is a parallel world, what identity do you think Chen Shanni in that world is, what are you doing?Chen Shanni: Superpower.Especially in “JOJO Fantasy Adventure”, there is an ability called “gate of heaven”, I am very eager to get such a powerful super ability.Chen Shanni asked Dai Ailing: The clue of the work: “Where are you going, you are used to listening to his and her echoes.True and false news requires you to be yourself and experience guided education.”-Chen Shanni” Where Are You Going “Chen Shanni: What is the only right that cannot be deprived of in the present life?Dai Ailing: Self.In my life in the past, I feel that I have lost myself for a long time, because I became a singer when I was very young, and then grew up with the loved one’s expectations, from small to large, I don’t know my definitionWhat is it.It was only in recent years that I slowly admitted that I did n’t seem to know myself and live for myself, so I felt a little unfair.Now I have been looking for a balance. I hope to do it according to my true inner thoughts, but I also don’t want to really love me around, and people who care about me worry about me.Dai Ailing asked Lu Jiaxin: The clue of the work: “What did I lose, and what did I exchange for it? I left alone, without exception.”-Dai Ailing” Lost and Found “Dai Ailing: In the end of your current life, what have you lost?Now what do you want to find back?Lu Jiaxin: I think that so far, I have really only lost time in my life, because I do n’t really regret what happened in the past, or what I particularly want to keep, so I rarely feel that I have lost anything.Moreover, although time has passed, many experiences and gains have been gained accordingly.Anything you want to get back?Maybe it’s collagen (laughs).Lu Jiaxin asked Wang Ruolin: Works of art: “Did I grow up to be what I dreamed of? Don’t answer it when I hear it.”Good or bad doesn’t matter.”-Lu Jiaxin’s” Fair and Easy “Lu Jiaxin: Have you become what you dreamed of?Wang Ruolin: I am the person who dreams through music.When I was making the album “Calling for Love”, I had a feeling of “floating” in mid-air, maybe it was the passage of time, and I lost some freshness and confidence in some things.The feeling of grasping may be called “the look of a dream” in this way.Wang Ruolin asked Yang Chenglin: Draw clues: “So I beg you, don’t let me leave you, I can’t feel a touch of affection except you.”Wang Ruolin,” I Only Care About You “(original singing: Teresa Teng) Wang Ruolin: Do you admit that you are weak in front of love?Yang Chenglin: I am not.I am brave and strong in love. I am the kind of person who can afford and let go.Because once I found myself weak, I decided not to continue.Unless it’s like the song “The Ugly Devotion” in my album, when I meet a person who makes me trust, and makes me feel comfortable to show weakness to him, it’s another matter.Yang Chenglin asked A-Lin: The clue of the work: “To a girl like me, after deleting it, you will have an answer.””-Yang Chenglin “Delete and Pick Up” Yang Chenglin: What stage do you most want to delete in life?What kind of self do you want to pick up most?A-Lin: I don’t seem to have any stage to delete. If some parts are deleted, my life seems to be less complete, and I won’t feel that I have come so bravely.The part I hope to pick up is actually a watch that my mother gave me when I was a kid.At that time, my mother rated on the card, “You grew up, time passed quickly, I hope you can be happy forever.”Now that I am 36 years old, when I look back, I know that this watch and these simple words remind me of the necessity of time.I will deeply feel that many things will go into the next year before finishing, and the time spent with my family is also precious. Fortunately, when I have a concert, they will come if they have time.Sauna, Ye Wang Yang Chang editor Tian Nie proofreading Zhai Yongjun

[How to make clear soup fish?

】 _How to do_Making method

[How to make clear soup fish?
】 _How to do_Making method

There are many ways to make fish. The taste is different, some are delicious, some are not delicious, some like to eat fish, some don’t like to eat fish, clear soup fish is best for patients andTonics that are still growing in the youth, besides fish are nourishing, and fish soup is also an excellent nutritional supplement.

The following introduces several clear soup fish methods, not only delicious, but also nourishing.

Method 1: Make ingredients: carp 500 grams (other fish can also be), shallots, ginger, garlic, mushrooms, dates, refined salt, vinegar, soy sauce, cooking wine, cooking oil.

Production method 1.

Wash the fish and soak it with refined salt for 5?
10 minutes to stand by.


Put some oil in the pot. After the oil is hot, shave the pot with green onion, then add an appropriate amount of water (just over the fish body), and put the fish in the pot.


Add cooking wine, spring onion, ginger, garlic, vinegar, shiitake mushrooms, jujube, and boil over high heat.


After boiling, simmer for about 30 minutes.

Method 2 making ingredients: 1 fresh fish, 5 pork belly, 3 magnolia slices, 3 mushrooms, green vegetables each, 50 grams of clear pork oil, chicken essence, broth, salt, pepper, pepper, coriander, onion ginger, Ming oilEach amount.

Production method (1) Scrape and clean the fish, cut a skewer on the back of the fish; meat, magnolia slices, winter mushrooms, sliced green vegetables, chopped parsley, sliced green onions, and sliced ginger.

(2) Stir the fish in the water first, remove the waking smell, and add the hot oil to fry and remove.

(3) Add the base oil to the spoon and heat, add the green onion ginger, pepper and shiitake mushroom seasoning wine, add the broth, add the fish, boil it and beat the froth, simmer on low heat to taste, adjust the taste, remove the green onion ginger and pepperPour into a soup bowl, drizzle with oil and sprinkle with coriander.

(4) Cooking wine can be replaced with white wine according to your taste to remove fishy smell and the effect is better.

Method 3 Ingredients: 500g of fresh anchovy.

Method / Step 1. Wash the carp and cut into pieces for later use.

2. Cut the shallots into sections for future use.

3, put water in the soup pot, add ginger slices and boil.

4. After the water is boiled, put the bonito pieces.

5, boil over high heat, add salt and chicken essence.

6. Finally, add the spring onion segment and it’s ready to go.

Precautions It is not recommended to cook the catfish for too long, or the meat will easily grow old.

Conclusion: The above is the summary of Sanjiu Yangshengtang for you. Through the above, everyone knows how to make delicious clear soup fish.

Clear soup fish with protein, trace amounts, carbonic acid, vitamin A and calcium, sodium phosphate, iron and other elements.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that fish is sweet and warm, and has the effects of nourishing qi, appetizing, strengthening bones, and liver and kidney, and can be used for spleen deficiency, less food, and indigestion.

[Is the effect of cooking bananas good for the human body?】 _Benefits_Ethics

Luan Yu, shuang, shang, hang, hang, hang, hang, hang, hang, hang, hang, hang, hang out
Hao Junjun chains up and down and down and up and down and up and down, and up and down, and up and down, up and down, and up, down, up, up, down, up, down, up, down, up, down, up, down旇瑰埆锛屼絾鏄懗閬撲篃鏄笉閿欑殑锛屽苟涓旇繕鏈夊緢澶氬浜轰綋鐨勫ソ澶勶紝姣斿娑﹁偁銆侀檷琛€鍘嬨€佹不鐤楀棞鐫$瓑绛夈€傞钑変綔涓轰竴绉嶅父瑙佺殑姘存灉锛屽叾鍏锋湁鐨勭墿璐ㄨ繕鍙互璁╀汉鐨勬儏缁垝缂撳拰鎰夋偊銆?Upset ?.Upsetting ?What’s the difference between the world and the world? It’s just that the world has just been wiped out. It’s very difficult to get around. What’s going on? What’s going on? What’s going on?.棣欒晧杩樺彲浠ョ敤鏉ユ不鐤楅珮琛€鍘?杩欐牱灏卞彲浠ュ緢濂藉湴棰勯槻蹇冭剳琛€绠$被鐤剧梾浜嗐€傚悓鏃剁叜棣欒晧鍚湁澶ч噺鐨勯捑鍏冪礌锛You are the only one who wants to know what you are doing, and you will be able to find out what is happening in the world. You will be able to take advantage of each other’s problems.鏈轰細锛屽悓鏃朵篃鍙互棰勯槻鑳冩簝鐤°€?3.What’s the difference between reading and writing?If you want to read it, you will be able to read it in a different way. You will be able to see if it ‘s a good idea. Do you want to check it out? Do you want to check it out?姂鍒朵綔鐢紝濡傛灉涓€浜涗汉鐨勮倢鑲夐夯鐥瑰苟鏈夊棞鐫′箯鍔涚殑鐥囩姸锛屽彲浠ュ鍚冧竴浜涢钑夈€?.Sorry, I’m sure I’m reading this book stably?This is a simple chain, and it ‘s a good thing to know about it. It ‘s a good idea for parents. It ‘s a great deal. It ‘s a big deal. It ‘s a lot of troubles. It ‘s a chain of rules and regulations.叜棣欒晧涔熷彲浠ュ拰鐗涘ザ涓€璧峰悆锛岃繖鏍疯惀鍏讳环鍊间篃寰堥珮 锛屽父鍚冮钑夊彲浠ヨ浣犵殑鑲よ壊鍙樺緱寰堝ソ锛岀毊鑲や細鍙樺緱寰堟竻鐖芥鼎婊戙€?5,杩樺彲浠ュ幓闄ゅ骇鐤紝娣″寲闆€鏂?鍚屾椂鐓钑変篃鏈夊緢濂界殑姝㈠挸鍡界殑浣滅敤锛屾妸鐓钑夊拰鍐扮硸涓€璧风倴鐫€鍚冿紝娌荤枟鏁堟 灉 瓉 鍆 ソ 銆?

Tiancheng Automation (603085): Passenger car business contributes a lot of aviation seats

Tiancheng Automation (603085): Passenger car business contributes a lot of aviation seats

Event: The company released its 2018 annual report and 2019 first quarter report.

The company achieved operating income in 20189.

58 ppm, an increase of 22 per year.

33%; net profit attributable to mother is 0.

37 ‰, 47 years ago.


In the first quarter of 2019, the company achieved operating income3.

7.2 billion, an increase of 105 in ten years.

86%; net profit attributable to mother is 0.

23 ppm, an increase of 101 in ten years.


Passenger car business volume was heavy, aviation business was consolidated, Q1 performance exceeded expectations.

In Q1 2019, the company’s revenue was 3.

72 ppm, an increase of ten years.

91杭州桑拿 ppm was mainly due to the supplementary aviation seat business and passenger car business growth.

Q1’s aviation seat business achieved sales1.

230,000 yuan, passenger car sales income increased by 196 per year.


The domestic replacement of passenger car seats is a trend, and the company’s passenger car business has good growth.

The fierce competition in the passenger car market has brought down vehicle prices and the need for OEMs to reduce costs.

The cost of seats accounts for about 5% of the total vehicle cost. The value of bicycles is large, and the domestic market is mainly supplied by foreign companies. It is one of the key points for OEMs to reduce prices. Domestic substitution is a trend.

The company currently supplies SAIC Roewe I5, I6, EX21 and other models, as well as Zotye, Ford and other projects,四川耍耍网 and releases production capacity. It is expected that production and sales will exceed 500,000 in 2020.

With sufficient orders in hand and localized procurement, aviation seats will contribute performance.

At present, there are more than 90 million pounds on hand. Based on the existing major customers Spring Airlines, Air New Zealand, Etihad Airways, Spirit Airlines and Frontier Airlines, the company strives to developNew customers in the region.

At the same time, the company will accelerate the development of China’s aviation seat business, increase China’s procurement ratio, and enhance its overall strength and profitability.

Profit forecast: We expect the company to achieve net profit attributable to mothers in 2019/2020/20211.



08,000 yuan, the corresponding EPS is 0.



71 yuan.

At present, the company has cut into large-scale OEMs such as Zotye, SAIC, and New Ocean, and the transfer of investment and production capacity will be released, and the company’s passenger car business will usher in a harvest period. At the same time, the number of aviation seat orders will increase, and the proportion of localized procurement will increase.Contribute performance; give overweight rating.

Risk Tips: Crew development risk, raw material price risk, sales price decline risk, export market downturn risk, exchange rate risk

Sunshine City (000671): Relying on quality and reducing burdens to achieve quality growth

Sunshine City (000671): Relying on quality and reducing burdens to achieve quality growth
From Fujian to the whole country, in 2018, the expansion of 100 billion real estate companies was established in Fujian and started a national layout. It achieved full coverage of second-tier cities through diversified land acquisition methods, and actively expanded more formats and accelerated the layout of the entire industry chain.Step into the 100 billion club. At the same time, the company’s 2018 equity incentive plan helps to enhance the motivation and creativity of employees and highlights the company’s confidence in future development.In the first half of 2019, the company’s revenue and performance continued to grow at a high rate, and the certainty of the 19-year stock budget incentive evaluation criteria was high every year. Sales continued to grow at a high rate. The land bank focused on first- and second-tier cities. Since 2014, the company has continued to promote the nationwide layout and the sales scale has continued to grow.Since 2015, the company has launched the “3 + 1 + X” strategic layout and expanded its territory to the two economic circles of Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei and the Pearl River Delta. In terms of land acquisition, the company proposed a “three-full” investment strategy to obtain high-quality soil storage in core cities in the first and second tiers through various methods, and terminated the proportion of land storage in first and second tier cities in the first half of 2019 to 76.20%.With the continuous advancement of new urbanization construction, the company is expected to fully benefit from the estimated premium brought by market demand. The offset rate decreased, the financial situation was healthy, and quality growth was achieved. The company’s financial situation was gradually improved, and quality growth was achieved.1) In terms of financing: the company’s bond issuance channels are smooth, and the average financing cost in the first half of 2019.72%, a decrease of 0 from the end of 2018.22 points; 2) in terms of funds, operating cash flow has been positive since 2017, and monetary funds have continued to grow; 3) in terms of liabilities: the asset-liability ratio in the first half of 2019 decreased by 0 compared with the end of 2018.85pct to 83.58%, the net debt ratio decreased by 37 compared with the end of 2018.09pct to 145.13%; 4) In terms of profitability: Increased return on net assets increased by 1 compared with the same period in 2018.72 averages to 6成都桑拿网.92%. Diversified business continues to develop and adhere to the pursuit of quality. On the basis of in-depth development of real estate, the company has formed a “quick and stable” development trend of comprehensive strategic upgrade and diversified development.In terms of commercial real estate, the company has formed a unique commercial real estate strategy and a mature operating team. In terms of property management, in 2016, the Sunshine City property was newly upgraded, focusing on creating a “Youyue +” service brand and committed to providing property owners with temperature property services. Investment suggestion: scale up, quality tree benchmarking, maintain “buy” rating after exceeding 100 billion scale, the company practiced “scale up, quality tree benchmarking”, “3 + 1 + X” layout expansion of the country’s three coreIn the metropolitan area, the “Sanquan” investment strategy has acquired high-quality soil storage in core cities, achieved qualitative growth, and continued long-term development.The company’s EPS for 2019-2021 is predicted to be 1.09, 1.61, 2.13 yuan, corresponding to the current PE value of 5, respectively.7 times, 3.9 times, 2.9 times; net asset value 12.31 yuan, a discount of about 49 on August 14 closing price.21%; Maintain “Buy” rating. Risk Warning: 1. There are certain uncertainties in industry normative policies and project settlement progress, or they may affect the sales performance of listed companies; 2. Macroeconomic and liquidity fluctuations may have an impact on the company’s operations.

Jiuyang Co. (002242): Significant increase in export growth, domestic sales profit rises steadily

Jiuyang Co. (002242): Significant increase in export growth, domestic sales profit rises steadily

Event: The company released a semi-annual report and realized revenue 41 in the first half of 2019.

8.7 billion, an increase of 15% over the same period; net profit attributable to mothers4.

0.6 billion, an increase of 10% in ten years; net profit after deductions3.

7.7 billion, an increase of 29% in ten years.

Comments: The revenue has grown steadily, and the profit after deductions has grown rapidly. In the first half of 2019, the company achieved revenue 41.

8.7 billion, an increase of 15 in ten years.

04%, net profit attributable to mother 4.

0.6 billion, an increase of 9 in ten years.

72%, deducting non-net profit 2.

9.3 billion, an increase of 29 in ten years.


At the same time, the company plans to pay mid-year dividends of RMB 5 for every 10 shares, for a total cash dividend of 3 yuan.

8.4 billion, with a dividend payout ratio of 95%.

The growth of export sales accelerated, and the growth of domestic sales increased, but the gross profit margin accelerated to increase the company’s external sales in the first half of the year.

2 billion, an increase of 13 times in the same period, mainly due to the substantial increase in the foundry revenue of the company as a related party, Sharkninja (HongKong).

According to the announcement, Q1 / Q2 Jiuyang’s merchandise sales to Sharkninja were 0.

7.5 billion / 1.

8.7 billion, total 2.

6.2 billion.

Domestic sales 38.

700 million, an increase of 7% in ten years.

By quarter, we expect domestic sales of Q1 / Q2 to be about 1.7 billion / 2.2 billion, and each quarter will maintain a large number of growth.

Domestic gross profit margin 34 in the first half of the year.

14%, an increase of 1 pct previously;

7% decline every year.

The proportion of export income with low gross profit margin increased, driving down the overall gross profit margin.

Accelerating the release of new products, sticking to the wall-breaking machine and the mid-to-high-end market of soymilk. In the first half of the year, the company’s product revenue structure remained stable. Among them, the gross profit margin of food processing machines represented by soymilk machines, cooking machines, and wallbreakers was 40%.Increase by 2 every month.

2pct (2018: Randomly nearly 2pct).

Over the past year, the company has released a number of heavy new products, and the good sales of new products have brought high-end product structure.

In addition, due to the increase in the proportion of foundry income and the pressure of the growth of small kitchen appliances in the first half of the year, the gross profit margin of nutrition boilers decreased.

99 points.

The effect of fee control was obvious, and the advance receipts increased month-on-month, and the dealers were more motivated to pick up the goods. The company’s sales expense ratio was 14 in the first half of the year.

8%, down 2 every year.

6pct, which is mainly due to reasonable control of advertising (replacement of sports marketing resources last year) and terminal renovation measures in the first half of the year.

As of the end of the second quarter, the company’s book advances2.

5 billion, a year-on-year increase of twice a year.

This reflects that the terminal is selling well and the dealers are more motivated to pick up the goods.

Profit forecast and investment recommendations The company is expected to achieve net profit in 2019-2020.3.8 billion, 9.

6.5 billion, corresponding to 19 times and 17 times the current PE, respectively.

We believe that the cooperation between the company and sharkninja (hongkong) can be deepened, and the export business will maintain rapid growth in the next few years.

At the same time, the domestic sales business will continue to enjoy dividends from product upgrades, and its profitability will remain stable.

We think the reasonable value of the company should be 27.

25 yuan per share, given a “strong recommendation” rating.

Risk reminder: price competition for wall breakers is intensifying, terminal demand is less than expected, and new product input 深圳桑拿网 increases

Twelve rules for family health


Twelve rules for family health

Hair should be combed often, the eye should be transported frequently, the ear should be frequent, and Jin should swallow.

The shoulder should be often shrug, the arm should be often squatted, the abdomen should be often rubbed, and the waist should be often smashed.

The anus should be kept in regular, the legs should be often curved, and the Chang should be often mentioned.

銆€銆€One hair should be combed first is the first one of the Xuan ancient immortal health regimen. The hair dryer here is the same as the hair dryer of the hairdressing salon. It is different to comb the comb with a fine comb.

That method is not good for health and will hurt the hair and scalp.

The healthy method of combing hair is to use a wooden comb with a thin comb and a smooth tooth (or horn, ivory comb, but it is best not to use a plastic comb), replace the scalp, and comb all the scalp from the forehead to the back of the head.Force but not pain.

銆€銆€The human scalp is rich in capillaries, large and small acupoints, meridians, but because of the cover of the hair, sweat often does not get divergent, and over time it will affect the circulation of blood and meridians.

Combs can improve blood circulation, dredge meridians, and dissipate sweat.

Very controversial about health.

銆€銆€Here is a shampoo.

Traditional Chinese medicine is very cautious about shampooing. It is believed that wet hair is prone to cause various diseases, so the ancients pay attention to the hair to be combed and washed less.

This makes sense. Because the water in the wet hair evaporates, it will take away the gaps in the head, which can easily cause various symptoms of cold, fever and headache. It is called cold intrusion in Chinese medicine.

If it is an elderly person or a pregnant woman, the consequences may be more serious.

銆€銆€But if you don’t wash your hair, of course it’s unsanitary.

Therefore, many doctors recommend drying your hair in time after shampooing to prevent colds and other diseases.

Just pay attention when blowing your hair. You can’t blow it completely with hot air, because too much air hurts the scalp and hair.

Therefore, I suggest that you first blow dry most of the water with hot air, and then blow it to dry completely with normal temperature air.

When pregnant women and the elderly wash their hair, they should be at a higher temperature than normal temperature from the beginning to the end, and they should not blow their hair at the end. Instead, let the hair dry slowly at a high room temperature.Toggle to get your hair dry.

銆€銆€The second eye should be used to maintain the eyes.

The eyes of the movement refer to the eyeballs of the event.

Today’s people’s living standards are higher than a few decades ago, and the food they eat has become more refined. Unlike the previous eating of rough foods, which require a lot of chewing, the masticatory muscles lack exercise, which also makes the whole facial muscles exercise.

The relaxation of the skin muscles not only affects the image, but also causes the eyelash muscles to relax and the vision is easily affected.

銆€銆€The relaxation of the skin muscles can be exercised by exercising the masticatory muscles and eating something chewy (not as hard as iron fava, like old corn, beef tendons, and raw radishes).

The best way to muscle around the eyes is to exercise through the eye movements.

When you are active, you can turn left and turn right to look down to let the eyeball move back and forth, or you can turn clockwise counterclockwise.

銆€銆€It will be very tiring at the beginning. If you are tired in less than a minute, you will need to close your eyes and let your muscles around your eyes be nourished.

You can also use a towel to heat (towels and water must be clean), massage acupuncture points (eye exercises can be) to strengthen blood circulation.

Over time, the muscles around the eyes are strong and you can move very short.

This kind of activity can make your eyes tired, so you must have enough sleep to let your eyes rest.

銆€銆€Finally, for the eyes, the best eye drops are tears. Just kidding, it’s good to nourish and cry.

Look at what a touching love drama can maintain your eyes (it was kicked out by an ophthalmologist immediately).

銆€銆€The three ears should always be used to rub your ears with your fingers and warm your fingers with your fingers.

銆€銆€A lot of content of health care is self-massage. Generally speaking, the ancients expected to massage themselves in the place where the meridians and meridians are concentrated. The effect is obvious.

The points where the acupuncture points are concentrated include the head, ears, soles, back, and abdomen.

Among them, I think the ear is the most need to massage more.

Although there are many acupuncture points in the ear, because of its low blood flow, there is no muscle and aunt distributed on the top, and the temperature is usually lower than the body temperature, especially in the winter, many people’s ears are often frozen red.

These are not conducive to the blood circulation of the ear and the dredge of the meridians.

銆€銆€When massaging the ear, press both the inner and outer sides of the ear, pinch and rub it together, let the ear point at the temperature and strength of the finger, and finally use redness and heat as well.銆€銆€Chinese medicine has a treatment for auricular acupuncture, which has a good implant effect on pseudomyopia. In fact, massaging the ear also contributes to the protection of vision.

銆€銆€Sijin should always have a basic concept here. Jin refers to a clean saliva, which is different from the one.

鐥?is the waste discharged by the body, it is to be spit out.

Tianjin is very valuable in Chinese medicine and is an important body fluid for the human body.

In Western medicine, the role of saliva is just as important. It can clean the mouth and teeth, help digest food, lubricate the digestive tract, and so on.

In Taoist Qigong, Jin is known as the necessary material for practicing refined gas.

Here is a small method of health care.

銆€銆€After eating and drinking enough (this is very important, the body fluid is digestive juice, the stomach is empty and the more hungry, if you don’t drink water, the taste is not easy to secrete the body fluid), sit still, linger on the top of the tongue, shut up, after a few minutes,The mouth will accumulate about half of the body fluid, then gargle, swallowed two or three times.

For the cleaning of the mouth, the entire digestive system is very beneficial.

People with bad breath and excessive stomach acid can use this method to improve their physical condition.

銆€銆€At the same time, it should be mentioned that things that spit out the shell and spit after the bite, such as melon seeds and sugar cane, will take away the liquid, so peeling the seeds and using the juicer to squeeze the sugar cane juice is better than eating it directly.

In addition, Chinese medicine has proposed some drugs to quench thirst, such as plums, etc. These drugs can really stimulate the secretion of body fluids, but it is easy to cause people’s illusion, and people can not feel thirsty, so you can’t forget to drink more if you eat these things.

銆€銆€The shoulders should be able to exercise to the muscles. Once there is a large artery and nerve plexus, muscles and blood vessels can be exercised to prevent various cervical spondylosis.

Modern people often insert sitting in a computer or before, so the incidence of cervical spondylosis is high, and it is also common among young people.

銆€銆€When shrugging, don’t simply climb up and down. A better way is to draw a circle with your shoulders longer, so you can exercise more muscles.

But the head should be right, don’t move with the head, or it will easily reverse the injured cervical spine.

銆€銆€Six arms should be often referred to as the arm should be stretched straight, do lifting, chest expansion and other exercises, can move the shoulder joint, and elbow joint.

Many white-collar workers today lack exercise, and due to work reasons, this computer often keeps sitting in a posture, which leads to insufficient movement of the cervical vertebrae and shoulder joints, which is easy to get sick.

Insist on the work process, sneak in the shoulders, squatting arms, good for health.

銆€銆€Here to teach you a simple method of arm, sitting, waist, back straight, visually ahead, lift your hands, palms up, five fingers stretched out, while taking a deep breath, until fully absorbed, suffocatingAfter a few seconds, I feel that my body has a hot air, put my hands down, and slowly exhale, so doing it 5-8 times, it is a good exercise for the shoulders and upper limbs.

銆€銆€Seven belly should be a self-massage.

There are many acupuncture points and meridians in the abdomen, and it is also the location of many organs. Regular massage of this part can strengthen the gastrointestinal function, thus helping digestion, detoxification and fat reduction.

In many martial arts and internal strengths, the massage abdomen is often regarded as a basic skill, such as the Taoist Xiao Zhou Tiangong and the Shaolin Temple’s Tie Niu Gong.

銆€銆€When massaging the abdomen, use the entire palm to massage.

You can use this method: lying down, relaxing all over the body, one hand on the chest, one hand rounding around the navel, and the force to feel the pressure and temperature of the hand on the abdomen.

This method can improve gastrointestinal function and accelerate bowel movements.

This method is more beneficial to the body than to stimulate bowel movements with drugs.

銆€銆€Eight waists are often an important moment in health, but they are often neglected.

The waist is the back of the waist, which is the part of the kidney.

In the human body, the kidney is the most in need of maintenance, because the kidneys have the most diseases caused by insufficient blood supply.

People with kidney deficiency and kidney disease often have a low back waist, which is a manifestation of insufficient blood supply to the kidneys.

Warming the kidneys with your palms often strengthens the blood circulation of the kidneys, improves kidney function, and ultimately helps overcome kidney disease.

For people with healthy kidneys, this method can also strengthen kidney function for detoxification and beauty.

銆€銆€The method of rubbing the back of the waist is very simple, that is, holding the palm to warm the kidneys, but the best way is this: sitting posture, upper body straight, chest, hands behind the back of the waist, hands and fingers pointed.

Then close your eyes, take a deep breath, feel the temperature of your palms, often do so to strengthen the kidneys, and women can nourish the yin, which is good for both men and women.

銆€銆€Nine anus should be accepted as a contraction of the anus, exercise sphincter.

The sphincter is a very important muscle of the human body. The blood supply of the sphincter affects the blood around the anus, and it also affects the health of the urinary system and the reproductive system.

The aging of the sphincter can cause constipation, urinary incontinence, prostatitis and other diseases.

However, because the sphincter is located in a hidden place, it is not recognized, and many people look down on this part of the muscle.

銆€銆€The exercise sphincter is very simple, you can do it anytime, anywhere, you can shrink the exercise for a while, or you can continue to shrink for a few seconds.For men of middle age or older, often contracting the anus can combine serious illness and strengthen the body to maintain youthfulness.

銆€銆€Ten legs should be used to refer to the movements that are often picked up.

Many doctors oppose the movements of men who are middle-aged and above, and even the lows when they are against Tai Chi. This is not right.

The leg muscles account for 60% of the body weight and require regular exercise.

According to statistics, people who do not exercise their leg muscles will have half of their leg muscles when they are 70 years old, which is equivalent to carrying one person.

People who often make up, the leg muscles are basically not very reduced when they reach 70 years old.

It can be seen that the essence of the leg muscles is exercised.

銆€銆€When exercising your legs, you should increase the amount of lifting, but it is not appropriate to speed up the frequency, otherwise it is easy to strain and hurt the knee joint.

For women who want to lose weight, don’t worry about getting up and growing muscles. If you pick up at a very slow speed, you can strengthen your leg strength, and you can reduce the leg size and make your legs look good.

The way to pick up is to be straight, with your legs slightly wider than your shoulders and slowly picking up.

銆€銆€For people with high blood pressure and high blood pressure, it is not suitable for sputum too low. You should start practicing from a long time. After the body is better, slowly transition to full sputum.

銆€銆€The eleventh should always mention that it should be raised frequently, that is, the toes of the toes and the muscles of the calves.

This action can strengthen the strength of the calf, but also reduce the calf and make the shape of the calf look good.

銆€銆€The calf muscle is a very important muscle group of the human body.

Relative to the thigh muscles supporting the weight of the whole body, the calf is balanced.

People can’t do without the calf muscles.

Therefore, the exercise of the calf muscles can enhance the balance ability. For middle-aged and elderly people, the risk of falls and falls due to the decline in balance ability is reduced.

銆€銆€For young people, if you feel that the ordinary lifting is not effective, you can carry heavy objects and do one-footed lifting exercises.

銆€銆€Twelve feet should be used frequently. It means that the acupuncture points on the soles of the feet should be massaged frequently.

The sole of the foot is one of the most dense parts of the human acupoint. Massage the acupuncture points on the sole of the foot to promote blood circulation in the sole of the foot.

Usually, many people like to go to the pedicure city massage, this is good, but it is not appropriate to go after a meal.

After the meal, you should take some rest and do some exercise. If you go directly to the pedicure city, you will slow down the gastrointestinal motility.

銆€銆€Here, you can do it yourself. First, use hot water to soak your feet. Keep your time as long as possible. 15-30 minutes is good. Then use finger joint massage. If you don’t understand the acupuncture points, press the whole sole.Until the whole foot feels hot and comfortable.

In addition, the water of the feet should not be excessive, and the hot feet do not mean that the feet should be burnt with boiling water. The hot water can be used, and the water can be kept while boiling to keep the water temperature.

Five nursing methods for bronchial pneumonia in children


Five nursing methods for bronchial pneumonia in children

At the distal end, Mycoplasma pneumoniae and Haemophilus influenzae have an increasing tendency, and pathogens often invade a small amount of menstrual blood into the lungs.

So, how should pediatric bronchitis be treated?

The following experts will give you a detailed introduction to the five major nursing methods for pediatric bronchial pneumonia.

How to care for children with bronchial pneumonia? How to care for children with bronchopneumonia?

Experts will explain the following for you: First, warm temperature changes, especially cold stimulation can reduce the local resistance of the bronchial mucosa, aggravating the condition of bronchial pneumonia. Therefore, parents should increase or decrease the weight of children with temperature, especially sleep.The child should be covered with a quilt to keep the body temperature at 36.

More than 3 months.

Second, when there are more children with bronchial pneumonia, there are different degrees of fever, water evaporation and conduction, should pay attention to give children more water.

It can be supplemented with sugar brine, and it can also be supplemented with rice soup and egg soup.

The diet is mainly semi-liquid, in order to increase the body’s water and meet the needs of the body.

Third, the nutritionally sufficient children with bronchial pneumonia when the consumption of nutrients penetrates, combined with fever and bacterial toxins affect the body’s function, digestion and malabsorption, so the nutritional deficiency in children can not be ignored.

Therefore, parents should take a small amount of meals for children, give a light, nutritious, balanced and easy to digest the semi-liquid or liquid diet, such as porridge, boiled noodles, egg yolk, fresh vegetables, etc.When the child coughs and coughs, it indicates that the bronchial secretions increase. In order to promote the smooth discharge of the secretions, the parents should help the children to shoot the back. The method of taking the back is to fold the five fingers into a spoon shape, and the spine is smaller from the bottom to the bottom.Shoot on, shoot from the outside to the inside.

If it is an infant, in addition to taking the back, it should also help to turn over, every 1-2 hours, so that the child maintains a semi-recumbent position, which is beneficial to the discharge of sputum.

Fifth, fever and bronchopneumonia in children are mostly low to medium fever, if the body temperature is 38.

For less than 5 months, there is generally no need to give antipyretics, mainly for the treatment of the cause, to solve the problem fundamentally.

If the body temperature is high, alkaline children can be physically cooled, that is, wet with a cold towel or bath with warm water, but children should not use this method, if necessary, use drugs to cool down.

Symptomatic three body types of weight loss methods


Symptomatic three body types of weight loss methods

Have you ever thought about how some people can’t eat fat, and how can some people struggle to lose weight without success?

This is because a person’s size determines everything.

To understand the body shape correctly, you can find an effective way to lose weight.

銆€銆€Body shape is a scientific method. After combining several characteristics of physical constitution, it can be determined that a person belongs to the body type.

The body shape is determined by the gene, so from the moment of birth, a person has decided that a certain body type will accompany him through his life.

But in any case, people of certain sizes, just looking for the right way to diet and exercise, can also lose weight successfully.

銆€銆€In fact, people’s body types can be divided into the following two types: excessive body type elongated body type body shape Some people may have two or three body type characteristics, but in the end there will always be one above.

銆€Obese body type obese people generally have the following characteristics: large bones, round face, wide hips, and a lot of body, especially the abdomen.

People of this size generally lose weight more because their metabolic rate is very low.

Therefore, people with apple-shaped body should pay more attention to diet.

They have to choose low-transition foods so that the body can re-consume them.

If an obese person can squat and eat only vegetables and fruits to lose weight, then the speed of weight loss translates.

The supplement of carbohydrates should be small and reduce the amount of energy supplement.

The protein supplement is mainly from lean meat, fish and so on.

銆€銆€People with obesity must have regular exercise, including aerobic exercise and anaerobic exercise to enhance metabolism. People of this type are not easy to become thinner, so they must be carefully planned in diet and exercise.

銆€銆€People with muscular body types are the ones most likely to control their weight.

Because they are born with the athlete’s physique, metabolism is fast.

This type of person means that they don’t need to do a lot of exercise to control the body’s metabolism fast, so that they can enjoy more food without worrying about getting fat diet without strict control. It is easy to maintain a healthy weight.Different people have the potential to shape their body by using some method.

For people who are not muscular, it is impossible to imitate the way they exercise and achieve the same effect.

銆€銆€People with muscle shape are generally: shoulder width, thin waist, inverted triangle shape, muscular, and fast metabolism, because the body has more lean muscle.

銆€銆€The long, slim and long-body type has a slim body, shoulders, waist and hips. The whole body is like a straight line.

People in this group also have low levels of abnormalities in the body, and they are also fortunate because their long body size and rapid metabolism allow them to eat a little, exercise less, and not gain weight.

銆€銆€The most suitable amount of exercise for people with muscular and elongated bodies is to walk 12 miles a week and do moderate split exercises. If you want to gain weight, you must do high-level anaerobic exercise, such as weight training.