The FINA Championship starts next week, with Sun Yang leading the top players to gather in Beijing

The FINA Championship starts next week, with Sun Yang leading the top players to gather in Beijing
The 2020 FINA Championship Swimming Series (Beijing Station) will be held in the Yingdong Swimming Hall of the National Olympic Sports Center from January 18th to 19th every year.As the first opening competition hosted by Beijing, more than 60 world top swimmers from 25 countries and regions will gather in Beijing, 12 Chinese athletes including Sun Yang, Xu Jiayu, Fu Yuanhui and so on.Sun Yang will play in Beijing.Data Map / Osports FINA Championship Swimming Series is a new world-class event created by FINA in 2019. The competition uses an invitation system. The participants are the medal winners of the Olympic Games and World Championships.The record holder and the world ranks the former.This event is the most important top swimming event in the world after the Olympics and the World Championships. It is also an important event to prepare for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.The competition is all held in the long pool. The standard of the competition pool is the same as that of the Olympic Games and the World Championships, but the items and system are different.There are 28 individual events and two relay events in the Beijing station.According to the schedule, each individual event of the swimming championship series will directly go to the finals, with four players participating in each final.The “direct final” system will also make this event even more intense.There will be many famous players in the Beijing station. The host Chinese team led by Sun Yang will send 12 players to participate. Xu Jiayu, Yan Zibei, Ye Shiwen, Liu Xiang, Fu Yuanhui and others will all debut.In terms of international players, Huozuzu (California), Seto Oya (Japan), Cromovid Uyo (Netherlands) and Koppash (California) and other swimmers will compete to test the results of winter training.The first stop of this year’s FINA Championship Swimming Series was set in Shenzhen. The competition took place from January 14 to 15, with the Beijing Station as the second stop.After the Shenzhen race, most players will move to Beijing for pre-match adaptive training on January 16, 17.Editor Zhang Yunfeng proofreading Li Lijun

[Can muskmelon and milk be eaten together]_Bottle_Can you eat it together

You can go to any place in the chain, and you will have a random chain. You will be able to walk through the mountain peaks, and you will be able to walk through the mountain peaks.韩浣撴垨澶氭垨灏戠殑浼氶€犳垚涓€浜涗激瀹崇殑锛屼笉杩囬鐡滃拰鐗涘ザ鏄彲浠ヤ竴璧峰悆鐨勶紝杩欎袱绉嶉鐗╁苟涓嶆槸鐩稿厠鐨勫叧绯伙紝鎵€浠ヤ汉浠篃涓嶇敤杩囦簬鐨勬媴蹇冭繖涓棶棰橈紝骞朵笖濡傛灉鏄竴璧锋憚鍏ョ殑璇濆弽鑰屼細璁╄惀鍏讳环鍊煎彉寰楁洿楂橈紝鍙互鎻愰珮浜轰滑鑷韩鐨勫厤鐤兘鍔涳紝棰勯槻鏇村鐤剧梾鐨勫彂鐢熴€傞鐡滃拰鐗涘ザ鏄兘涓€璧峰悆鐨勩€傞鐡滃拰鐗涘ザ閮芥槸寰堟湁钀ュ吇鐨勯鐗╋紝涓€璧峰悆涓嶄細鏈夌浉鍏嬬殑鐜拌薄锛屽浜虹殑韬綋寰堝ソ銆傝€屼笖鐗涘ザ涓€鑸彧鏄笉鑳戒笌鏌犳銆佹煔瀛愩€佹潖绛夊惈閰告瘮杈冨鐨勬按鏋滈鐢紝鍜岄鐡滀竴璧峰悆骞朵笉浼氬嚭鐜伴棶棰樸€傞鐡滅墰濂朵竴璧峰悆鐨勫ソ澶勮ˉ鍏呴挋璐ㄧ墰濂跺惈鏈変赴瀵岀殑閽欙紝缁忓父椋熺敤鐨勮瘽鑳藉緢濂界殑琛ュ厖浜轰綋鎵€闇€瑕佺殑閽欒川銆傝€岄鐡滀腑鐨勭淮鐢熺礌C涔熻兘鏀瑰杽浣撳唴閾佸拰閽欑殑鍒╃敤銆傚洜姝ら鐡滃拰鐗涘ザ涓€璧峰悆鐨勮瘽鏄湁琛ラ挋鍔熸晥鐨勩€傛湁鍔╀簬娑堝寲棣欑摐涓惈鏈夐鐡滈叺绱狅紝鑳藉府鍔╂秷鍖栵紝鑰岀墰濂朵篃鍏锋湁鍔╂秷鍖栫殑鍔熸晥銆傚洜姝ら鐡滃拰鐗涘ザ鍚屾椂鑳戒績杩涜偁锠曞姩锛屽姞蹇鐗╃殑娑堝寲涓庡惛鏀躲€傛彁楂樹汉浣撳厤鐤姏棣欑摐鍜岀墰濂堕兘鍚湁涓板瘜鐨勮泲鐧借川锛屽苟涓旈鐡滀腑杩樺惈鏈夊皢涓嶆憾鎬ц泲鐧借川杞彉鎴愬彲婧舵€ц泲鐧借川鐨勮浆鍖栭叾锛屾湁鍒╀簬鑲剧梾鎮h€呭惛鏀惰惀鍏汇€傚洜姝ら鐡滃拰鐗涘ザ涓€璧烽鐢ㄦ湁鍒╀簬澧炲己鏈轰綋鐨勬姷鎶楀姏锛屾彁楂樹汉浣撶殑鍏嶇柅鍔涖€傞ギ鐢ㄧ泭澶勭墰濂朵腑鐨勯捑鍙娇鍔ㄨ剦琛€绠″湪楂樺帇鏃朵繚鎸佺ǔ瀹氾紝鍑忓皯涓椋庨櫓銆傜墰濂朵腑鐨勯叒姘ㄩ吀鑳戒績杩涜娓呯礌澶ч噺澧為暱銆傜墰濂朵腑鐨勯搧閾滃拰鍗电7鑴傝兘澶уぇ鎻愰珮澶ц剳鐨勫伐浣滄晥鐜囥€傜墰濂朵腑鐨勯挋鑳藉寮洪楠煎拰鐗欓娇锛屽噺灏戦楠艰悗缂╃梾鐨勫彂鐢熴€傜墰濂朵腑鐨勯晛鑳戒娇蹇冭剰鑰愮柌鍔炽€傜墰濂朵腑鐨勯攲鑳戒娇浼ゅ彛鏇村揩鎰堝悎銆傜墰濂朵腑鐨勭淮鐢熺礌B鑳芥彁楂樿鍔涖€傚父鍠濈墰濂惰兘棰勯槻鍔ㄨ剦纭寲銆傜墰濂跺惈閽欓噺楂橈紝鍚告敹濂姐€傜墰濂朵腑鐨勭函铔嬬櫧鍚噺楂橈紝甯稿枬鐗涘ザ鍙編瀹广€傜墰濂跺惈鏈夐挋銆佺淮鐢熺礌銆佷钩閾佽泲鐧藉拰鍏辫江浜氭补閰哥瓑澶氱鎶楃檶鍥犲瓙锛屾湁鎶楃檶銆侀槻鐧岀殑浣滅敤銆傜墰濂朵腑瀵屽惈缁寸敓绱燗锛屽彲浠ラ槻姝㈢毊鑲ゅ共鐕ュ強鏆楁矇锛屼娇鐨偆鐧界殭锛屾湁鍏夋辰銆傜墰What’s the difference? 2 What are you doing 2?

[How to judge if the husband is derailed]_Husband derailed_How to judge_How to judge

[How to judge if the husband is derailed]_Husband derailed_How to judge_How to judge

Happy life is the same, unfortunate families have their own misfortunes, and some husbands are derailed, which brings a lot of pain to female friends.

To judge whether your husband is on track, you can determine from these aspects that some kind of temper has become irritable, sudden sudden enlargement, absent-mindedness, excessive entertainment, and often go home late for overtime.

1. Grumpy becomes irritable Husband generally becomes irritable after being derailed.

He can be impatient and lose his temper for little things, which is inexplicable.

The derailed husband starts to pick your clothing taste, saying that your image is not good, and he doesn’t like you to buy him those out-of-grade clothes; when you tell him the hard work, he always says I know youVery busy, but I can’t always listen to you disappointed, you have put pressure on me and the child.

In particular, his wife, who was more verbose, made him feel that his family could not bear it.

2. The number of people suddenly grows bigger. Men have to derail, saying that they can absolutely do it, but where are the details of derailing a man?

First of all, we should look for it from daily expenses. A person who spends money very regularly usually has a sudden consumption. In order to please the Iraqi people, it is necessary to eat candlelight dinner, send roses, and drink coffee.And luxury.

And these are a kind of tricks that little girls like very much, and men are willing to pay in order to save Fenghua Xueyue, so they have to desperately save money.

3. Absent-minded men, as soon as they hear the phone ring, conditioned reflexes will think that the affair is found and become very sensitive.

When answering the phone, he also refuses to answer the call in front of his wife. The wife asks him what is wrong, and he will deny it with arrogance-what can I do?

Are you doubting me?

If this happens, it must be, and it is very certain.

4. Too much entertainment and too much entertainment, in fact, and often working overtime is a meaning, borrowing entertainment to meet his wife, saying that many things outside need to be greeted, but in fact it is to accompany the lover.

And smart men will be dressed in entertaining robes and develop extramarital affairs outside the house.

When his wife began to resent that he kept entertaining outside every night, men had more reasons to justify than anyone else. They thought that as soon as they said bad words, their wife was immediately refuted, and finally told men to drink less.Eat more food and pay attention to your body.

5. People who often go home late in the evening to work overtime usually return home and suddenly change their mouths to say that they have to work overtime. This has to be suspected and doubted. With a man who has an affair, he will naturally use this excuse to be with his lover.Experience the ecstasy and beauty of Wenxiang nephrite.

However, with the increase of overtime, the wife will gradually doubt it.

Once the husband promises that his grievance is for the family, he will naturally get the understanding of his wife. This situation will give the man more time to support his lover.

[Does honey and lemon have to be refrigerated?]

雜 板 湪 澶 ╃ 劄 勮 渹 據 撆 璺 駉 ヨ 秏 灏 灴 纴 現 珥 毦 毦 Arch 鍒 版  瀹 楄 渹 據 滐 溓 氅 氅 氅 氅 氅 氅 鈅 氅 鈅It ‘s hard to say what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on,犳垚鍗卞锛屾煚妾渹铚滃苟涓嶆槸涓€瀹氳閫氳繃鍐疯棌鐨勬柟娉曚繚瀛橈紝瑕佺湅瀹為檯鐨勬俯搴︼紝娓╁害澶珮锛岃嚜鐒舵槸闇€瑕佸喎钘忕殑銆傝渹铚滄煚妾竴瀹氳鍐疯棌鍚楃湅鎮ㄧ湅鎮ㄨ渹铚滆渹铚滅殑鐨勬祿湪 卢 搴 ︼ 溴 偛 灡 灡 灡 灏 換 揉 揿 揑揑 殑 殓 揓 援 揪 25 搪 ︿Effectiveness in each other’s sorrows in the field of sorrow涓湀澶氭暟鎯呭喌涓嬫槸娌℃湁闂鐨勩€傚鏋滆渹铚滄祿搴︿綆锛屽垯灏戞场涓€浜涙煚妾湪閲岄潰銆幜 幇 鍦 ㄥ ぉ 递 逹 擹 铚 Cang 玮 Split 焨 皯 浜 嗭 纴 麴 Stacked 鍜 屾 Lu 缂 ╄ 湝 Add:岄兘瑕佹敞鎰忛壌鍒€傛渶绠€鍗曠殑鏂规硶:1銆佺湅铚傝湝缁撴櫠銆傝渹铚滃ぇ澶氭暟閮戒細缁撴櫠鐨勶紝闄や簡鏋h姳铚溿€佹磱妲愯湝銆侀緳鐪艰湝绛夊皯鏁拌湝绉嶅锛屽鏁伴兘瀹规槗缁撴櫠銆傝渹铚滅粨鏅舵槸鐤忔澗鏄撳寲鐨勶紝鍏ュ彛鐢ㄧ墮榻垮挰涓嶄細纾曠墮锛岃€屼笖铚傝湝缁撴櫠鐢ㄧ墮鍜湁缁电坏鐨勯叆鏉剧殑鎰熻銆傚亣铚滆涔堜笉浼氱粨鏅讹紝瑕佷箞灏辨槸鍋氱殑鍋囩粨鏅躲€?TOWER Quan boil raw silk sickle Tanjie Hamamatsu ф Que Lang Yizhou TOWER efficiency ぉ – Welding inertia Hong Zhi Weng Qiang additional information  crepe Cao Chun-Ho ч Dugxia Chu Fuuuxibi adze bare hill fine of Fen difficult Lu Zhi Tanjie Hamamatsu ф Que TOWER Yong祿搴﹂珮鐨勮渹铚滀骇姘斿皯涓€浜涖€?This article is a brief summary of how to do it: click on the button to see the effect of the field, and you will be able to find out what is going on in the village, and what is going on in the village?This is the most important part of this article, and it ‘s a good idea to report it to you.Forkyards, sorrows, arrogance, brothers, brothers, brothers, brothers, brothers, and sisters: If you can’t read them, don’t you know what you’re going to do?銆佸搧灏濄€傝繖涓氨闈犵粡楠屼簡銆傚ぉ鐒惰渹铚滅殑棣欏懗寰堝ぉ鐒讹紝鑰屼笖鏈変竴鑲¢叺棣欍€備綔鍋囩殑鍙兘娌℃湁棣欏懗鎴栬€呮湁寮傚懗(妗夋爲铚滃拰涔旈害铚滀篃鏈夊紓鍛?The most important thing is that you will be able to find out what you are doing and how to do it. You will be able to find out what is going on and how to do it.垯鍛抽亾浼氬甫鏈夋订鍛炽€傚叾瀹為櫎姝ゅ锛岃繕瑕佷細閴村埆娴撶缉铚滐紝鍋囪湝鍜屾祿缂╄湝鍚冧簡閮芥病鏈夊灏戜綔鐢ㄧ殑銆傛祿缂╄湝鏈€涓昏灏辩湅铚傝湝缁撴櫠鍜岃渹铚滀骇姘斾簡銆傜儹娴撶缉铚滀竴鑸緢 闅 剧 粨 鏅?What are you going to do with your sister?I ‘m sorry, I ‘m sorry, I ‘m sorry, I ‘m not here, I ‘m not here, I ‘m so simple, I ‘m so happy, I ‘m so happy, I ‘m sorry, I ‘m very happy篃鏄渹铚滅殑姘斿懗锛屼絾鏄粡杩囬珮娓╁悗铚傝湝鍐呯殑娲绘€ч叾鍜岀泭鐢熻弻绛夐兘琚牬鍧忎簡锛屾墍浠ュ緢灏戜骇姘斻€傚彟澶栵紝濡傛灉浣撹川姣旇緝铏氾紝璐锛屾€曞喎锛屽垯寤鸿鍚冩灒鑺辫湝锛屾灒鑺辫湝涓€鑸憟妫曡壊锛屼笉鏄撶粨鏅讹紝鑰屼笖鏈夎緝娴撶殑鏋e懗銆傛灒鑺辫湝鏈夊緢濂界殑琛ユ皵琛€鐨勬晥鏋滐紝涓嶈繃灞炰簬娓╂€ц渹铚滐紝涓嶈鍚冪殑澶€ワ紝浠ュ厤涓婄伀銆傛灒鑺辫湝瀵规不鐤椾究绉樻晥鏋滀笉鏄庢樉锛屼絾鏄姘旇涓や簭銆佷綋铏氥€佽传琛€銆佹墜鑴氬鏄撳啺鍑夌瓑鐥囨湁鐤楁晥銆?

Hesteel (000709) Company Comments: Concerned about the impact of environmental protection and production restriction in the heating season

Hesteel (000709) Company Comments: Concerned about the impact of environmental protection and production restriction in the heating season

Performance summary: The company released the report for the third quarter of 2019, and achieved operating income of 942 in the first three quarters.

9 ‰, an increase of 4 in ten years.

1%; realized net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies1青岛夜网 7.

8 ‰, a year-on-year decrease of 47%; net profit after deduction is 17.

600 million, a year-on-year decrease of 47%.

The EPS in the first three quarters of this year was 0.

17 yuan, single quarter EPS is 0.

03 yuan, 0.

08 yuan and 0.

06 yuan; third-quarter profit declines sequentially: Although this year, despite the strong real estate pulling demand for steel downstream performance is still solid, due to environmental protection and loosening of production restrictions, alternative production capacity and other factors have led to continuous growth in the industry’s supply side, the industry profit between advance and retreatThe baseline amplitude dropped.

From the perspective of some listed steel companies that have recently disclosed their results, the net profit of many companies in the first three quarters varied by 40% -75%.

The company’s three major production bases are located in production-restricted areas. In 2018, due to environmental protection and production restriction, production was suppressed, costs rose, and performance was dragged down.

With the loosening of production restrictions, the company’s steel output has increased since the beginning of this year, but under the background of the weakening of the industry’s overall supply and demand relationship, crop growth can only replace part of the decline in performance.

In the third quarter, taking into account the cyclical factors of steel companies’ raw material inventory, the impact of the rapid rise in iron ore prices on earnings in June was reflected in July. At the same time, the macro outlook in August was expected to worsen sharply under the dual compression of internal land financing and the gradual expansion of the external environment.The pessimism intensified and the steel price fell sharply, and the company’s third-quarter profit fell 23% month-on-month.

In terms of financial data, bills receivable increased by 92% compared with the earlier period. Basically, firstly, the proportion of bills receivable in sales receivables increased, and secondly, accounts payable adopted other payment methods; long-term extension decreased by 52% earlier, mainly due to overdue repaymentInterest; the asset impairment loss is reduced by at least 100%, in fact, no asset impairment loss has occurred in this period; the asset-liability ratio is expected to decrease: the company issued an announcement on March 11th, intending to issue a ratio of no more than 3 shares for every 10 sharesPlacing by all shareholders, the total amount of funds raised will not exceed US $ 8 billion, and the net amount after deducting the issuing expenses will be used to repay the company’s interest resistance.

The company’s asset-liability ratio has been continuously above 70% for a long time, which is at a relatively high level in the industry, resulting in high financial costs. The asset-liability ratio is expected to drop to 67 through the rights issue.

7%, which helps reduce financial risks and increase profitability.

The company’s application materials for share placement have been approved by the China Securities Regulatory Commission on June 28. Concerned about the impact of environmental protection and production restriction in the heating season: low interest rate environment and low inventory, real estate investment in the fourth quarter remained strong, proactive fiscal policy continued to develop, infrastructure weak recoveryContinuing, on the whole, steel demand under real estate support is worry-free during the year.

In addition, the policy of environmental protection and production restriction for the past year has been tightened recently, the supply side has been controlled to a certain extent, and the profit side of the industry has strived to stabilize and rebound.

Recent studies have found that Tangshan ‘s latest mid-to-late October production limitation plan has been basically included, and the impact of subsequent heating season production limitation on the company ‘s production still needs to be observed. Investment recommendations: The integration of future rights distribution plans will effectively solve the company ‘s long-term assets and liabilities.The problem is that the rate is too high, and the profit level is improved.

The downstream demand of the industry is still stable. The recent improvement in environmental protection and production restrictions has tightened. The supply and demand side is strong. The industry is 南京夜网striving to stabilize its profits. There are opportunities for steel stocks to rebound in the context of macro-recovery.

The company’s EPS for 2019-2021 is expected to be 0.

23 yuan, 0.

24 yuan and 0.

26 yuan, corresponding to PE is 11X, 10X and 10X respectively, maintaining the “overweight” level; risk warning: macroeconomic expectations, supply-side increase risks, environmental protection and production limit risks.

Pengding Holdings (002938) Dynamic Research: Expansion of FPC Leader in Peak Season Attempts to Hand Out Bright Answers

Pengding Holdings (002938) Dynamic Research: Expansion of FPC Leader in Peak Season Attempts to Hand Out Bright Answers
Event: On August 14, the company released its semi-annual report, and achieved operating income of 93 in the first half of 2019.3.9 billion, down 1 year.49%, net profit attributable to mothers6.09 million yuan, an increase of 41 in ten years.60%. In August, the company achieved operating income of 27.70 yuan, an annual increase of 3.72%. Key points of investment: The product structure has been adjusted smoothly, the impact of mobile phone segmentation has increased, gross margins have increased, and exchange gains have increased to drive performance growth.In the first half of the year, the global smartphone market was slightly weaker, and the number of iPhones was reduced and serious. According to Counterpoint Research statistics, the global smartphone replacement volume decreased in the second quarter of 2019.2%, the iPhone reduction rule transitioned to at least 11%, the downturn in the downstream market has had a replacement impact on the company’s communications board business, and the 2019H1 communications business revenue replaced 15.Fortunately, the company actively adjusted its product structure. At the same time, it benefited from the increase in the transfer of wearable electronic products such 南宁桑拿 as AirPods, iWatch, and consumer electronics and computer board business51.05% revenue growth has increased, at least destroying the substitution effect of the communications business, so the company’s overall revenue has only declined slightly. In addition, the gross profit margin of the consumer electronics business is higher than that of the communications board business. The former’s revenue share has increased and the company’s overall gross profit margin has increased compared to the same period last year.26 pct.This is also one of the reasons why the company’s net profit is still growing under the condition of reduced revenue. Another important reason is the increase in exchange earnings. The customer mobile phone filtering bonus is further advanced.In 2016, a customer’s mobile phone reached an unsatisfactory 佛山桑拿网 situation, resulting in little growth in the company’s revenue and a decrease in net profit. In 2017, when the customer returned to normal, mobile phone technology upgrades increased the value of FPC single machines, and the company tied to the vane companies in the downstream industryThe reset of the technology leading edge compared with those in the same industry has become the company’s gradual growth momentum at this stage. At this point in time, customers are still optimistic about the sales of new phones this year, and the new plan is expected to be released in the first half of next year. In the second half of the year, 5G products will be introduced to boost consumers’ desire for replacement, and considering AirPods,The integrated supply of product lines such as iWatch and Android customers seems to be better than 2016. The production line’s crop motility in the off-season next year is expected to be smoother, and the results this year and next are worth looking forward to. 5G gives birth to the possibility of flexible board transformation.In the past few years, FPC has been updated mainly in terms of technical processes. The improvement of substrate materials is relatively relative. It is still mainly based on poly substitution (PI) and polyester film (PET). In the 5G cycle, in order to reduce the high frequency, high speedIn the process of communication transmission, the signal loss and low Dk and Df circuit board substrate materials have become important research directions of various manufacturers.At present, there are two alternatives to low-loss substrate materials for flexible boards (especially those used for antennas) —liquid crystal polymer (LCP) and heterogeneous PI (MPI). The use of LCP and MPI will further improve the softThe stand-alone value of the board in terminals such as smart phones is also the reason why Taiwan-based Japanese soft board manufacturers such as Peng Ding continue to maintain better profitability in a highly competitive market. The heroes may compete for SLP, and the company’s first-mover advantage is obvious.Improving the integration of the motherboard is one of the effective paths to realize the reconfiguration of multiple components within a limited space. Apple’s first release of a SLP motherboard in the iPhone X is the best evidence. Even Apple and SamsungLarge smartphone brand manufacturers use SLP motherboards in their flagship phones, but serial smartphones (especially 5G phones) have continued to increase their internal space integration requirements. Other domestic first-tier smartphone brand manufacturers may also follow suit in high-end flagship products.Into SLP applications; according to Yole’s prediction, 2017?In 2023, the global SLP market size will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 64% and reach 22 in 2023.$ 400 million. The yield rate of the company’s existing SLP production line has been stabilized. In the company’s 2018 revenue, SLP accounted for about 5%.At this stage, the company is actively building new production lines to expand SLP production capacity. While increasing the company’s future performance flexibility, it can further reduce its technological leadership in the field of SLP. Earnings forecast and investment rating: Covered for the first time with a buy rating.Thanks to the relying relationship of the parent company Hon Hai, the company is a major supplier of internationally important customers FPC and SLP. Under the current trend, the value and usage of FPC and SLP in mobile phones are still constantly increasing, and the important international customers’The demonstration effect will make the company do more with less in the development of domestic first-tier brand manufacturers.For example, the current domestic brands that are best at cost constraints also gradually adopt FPC and SLP, and the company’s performance is expected to achieve further progress. It is expected that the company will achieve net profit of 30% in 2019-2021.56 billion, 34.9.4 billion and 40.13 ppm, currently corresponding to PE29.41, 25.72 and 22.40 times, considering the company’s scale in the global PCB industry, covering for the first time, giving a buy rating. Risk warning: (1) The value of FPC’s single machine in the customer’s product is not as good as expected and adjusted; (2) The progress of the domestic first-tier brand manufacturers to introduce SLP is less than expected; (3) The company’s IPO project construction is less than expected.

With a pair of hands, life is coming!


The effect is better than eating tonic?
The physically weak person is moving quickly

With a pair of hands, life is coming!
The effect is better than eating tonic?
The physically weak person is moving quickly

Pickpockets, lameness, and hoes are the massages in Chinese medicine. They can promote blood circulation and phlegm, and pass through the vitality. They are the “nutrition chicken soup” that comes with the human body.

When you are fine, you often take a trip, and you don’t have to say warmth. There are still many functions.

Ten fingers and even the heart: the hand protects the heart, although the veteran hand is not an organ, but there are many reflection areas of the body inside and outside the palm.

Frequent handcuffs help stimulate the corresponding meridians and acupuncture points, protect the heart and other organs, prevent frostbite and colds, prevent hand muscle atrophy, delay aging, and prevent cerebellar atrophy.

Method: The palm of the hand is facing 100, and the back of the hand is facing 100. It is best to have a slight fever and sweat.

The foot passes through the whole body: the feet are brain-healthy, and the local part of the foot is distributed.

Frequently rubbed feet, high blood pressure, neurasthenia, all kinds of dizziness, headache, tinnitus, insomnia, gastrointestinal diseases have a particularly good adjuvant treatment, but also brain.

Method: Use your left palm to rub your right foot and use your right palm to rub your left foot. Each foot is about 100 times. It is best to get red and hot to the feet. If you can mix with hot water, it is better.

Brain health is strong: when you look at your forehead and refresh your brain, the blood circulation will be dizzy, headache, severe, it will cause fainting, cerebral infarction and so on.

Frequently rubbing his forehead can increase the blood supply to the brain and activate the blood circulation of the brain, thus promoting the refreshing effect.

Method: The left and right foreheads are each 100 times.

Keep warm afterwards, don’t be cold and cold.

Gas from the nose: the nose and lungs, improve immunity and often lick the nose, can improve the blood flow of the nose, improve the function of the nose.

It also has a good implant effect for various rhinitis.

The function of the nose is normal, reducing the amount of harmful substances in the air into the body, and absorbing the air in the lungs is cleaner, moister, warmer and improving our ability to resist disease.

Method: Use the index finger and middle finger to squat up and down along the sides of the nose.

In places where you are suffering from soreness, you can click as appropriate.

Listening from the ear: licking the ear and nourishing the yin, lowering the three high ears, is the third place where the human body can stimulate the meridians and organs of the body.

Frequently rubbing your ears, it is especially helpful for controlling the three high, refreshing, eyesight, and nourishing yin.

Method: Use your fingers to squat from top to bottom along the outer auricle. Note that the cochlea and the groove behind the ear should also be picked up. It is good to have a slight fever in the ear.

Kidney Jianren spirit: 鎻?waist and strong kidney, ventilated blood Chinese medicine believes that the waist point is a special point outside the body, living in the vein (the meridian around the waist), where the kidney is located.

Always here, can warm the kidney and yang, and reach the blood.

The two kidneys of the person are inside the waist, so often the waist can strengthen the kidney.

Method: Back to the back with a palm on the waist 100?
200, it is best to stick to the skin and rub the skin to the slightest heat.

When you are fine, you should be comfortable with these few parts of the body than you can drink a few bowls of chicken soup!

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Winter Health: How to make our skin smoother?


Winter Health: How to make our skin smoother?

The reason for wrinkles is that the winter climate is cold, and everything will follow the law of inflating and shrinking. Our skin is also not listed.

Our skin capillaries begin to shrink under the cold and cool, and gradually, the skin begins to shrink. Slowly, when it can resist the cold outside, the skin no longer shrinks. When we rub the skin to warm the skin,Our skin begins to separate when heated, and our skin will return to a smooth state.

The reason for the dry skin is that the winter rains are less and the climate is drier.

Subsequently, the temperature is relatively low.

The climate is dry, the skin cannot be nourished in time, and the skin will dry out.

The weather is cold, the capillaries of the whole body contract, and the nutrients in the blood vessels cannot penetrate into the skin of the tissue in time through the blood vessel wall. The skin and skin will not be nourished and will dry.

In these two aspects, the reason for the relatively low temperature is a large part.

Washing your face with cold water in the winter, most people use hot water for face washing. Only a few people use cold water to wash their face. People who wash their faces often with cold water are smoother than those who wash their hands.

What is the reason?

Because washing your face with cold water can stimulate the rapid circulation of our body’s blood. The boots have more nutrients that penetrate the skin tissue through the blood vessel wall to nourish the skin, and can also improve the body’s ability to adapt to cold stimuli.

Therefore, the benefits of washing your face with cold water are great, which is why the popular winter swimming.

But not everyone is suitable for cold water wash, especially during women’s physiology, it is absolutely not available for cold water wash.

Older people or patients with vascular stress are also unsuitable.

The way to massage your face is to rub your skin with your hands to speed up blood flow and long-lasting skin.

This method is not only suitable for the face, but also alternately used up and down the whole body. You can also wash your face before washing your face with cold water, then wash your face with cold water.

Wiping the cream In addition to the above physical methods, we can also use a method of adding a protective film to the top to improve the skin’s resistance.

After washing your face every day, applying a protective film will not only benefit our skin’s health, but also the appearance of our skin. Unlike the above physical methods, it requires extra money.

In addition to improving the skin’s resistance, we also need to put a layer of tops on the skin to reduce the damage caused by cold evil.

Only by protecting our skin from the inside out can our skin stay in a smooth state.

More exercise, sweating through more exercise, sweating methods, can also promote the penetration of nutrients in the blood vessels into the skin tissue, long-term nutrition of our skin.

More exercise can not only make our skin more lustrous, but also improve the body’s resistance and organ function.

The so-called “all diseases inside, must be shaped outside”, this is the wisdom in the “Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic”, that is, as long as there is a problem in our body, it will be reflected on our external body and skin.

The nourishment of the skin requires the nutrition of our internal organs. Only when our internal organs are healthy can we nourish the body and nourish the skin.

Do you think drinking water is health?


Expert: Drinking more than this number every day may be poisoned!

Do you think drinking water is health?
Expert: Drinking more than this number every day may be poisoned!

Over the years, people’s information about health and wellness has become more and more concerned, from keeping cups to reducing day and night, increasing the amount of exercise, and forcing themselves to drink eight glasses of water a day.

However, there is no specific way or quantity limit for health care for everyone. A 鈥渕oderate amount鈥?is the most difficult to grasp.

Take drinking water, it is not right, it is not health, it may also be harmful to health!

Drink more than 4 liters a day, may be poisoned!

WHO expert Bruce Gordon said recently that if more than 4 liters of water per day can only help the body, it can also lead to poisoning, leading to impaired brain function and even death.

What is the concept of 4 liters, 4 liters is equal to 4000 ml, and super is not more than 500 ml of mineral water, 8 bottles.

For many people who remember to drink 8 glasses of water a day, it’s easy to overcome the concept here, remember 8 bottles instead of 8 cups!

First of all, let’s talk about the correct interpretation of 8 glasses of water a day: we know that water is the source of life, although not a fish, but we can not do without water.

The water we need for our adult’s day is about 3,000 to 4,000 ml of water. Note that this is a lot!

It includes all the alternatives of eating fruit, eating, drinking porridge and so on.

If you remove these, according to the Supplementary Guidelines of the Preventive Nutrition Society, men recommend more than 1700 ml of water per day for men and 1500 ml for women.

In this case, it is almost the same amount of 8 cups. The capacity of this cup is about 200 to 300 ml, the size of a normal glass.

First of all, 8 cups of water are not specific!

I just said that in order to maintain the normal functioning of the body, to ensure the body’s moisture needs, and to remove the intake of water such as diet and beverages, it is necessary to develop the habit of drinking 8 glasses of water a day.

However, this is not specific. For example, if you drink a lot of porridge today, you can eat a lot of watermelon and other fruits today. You don’t need to finish 8 cups.

Also, if the weather is hot and sweating is more, you need more than 8 cups of water.

In short, there is no need to forcibly drink water without the feeling of thirst.

If you have to drink like a task, it is very likely that the WHO expert at the beginning of the article is worried that the total intake of more than 4 liters a day is poisoned!

Finally, is drinking water really poisoned?


We know that the water we drink is injected into the bloodstream and then metabolized by the kidneys. The kidneys excrete excess water from the body (urinating).

The kidney regulates the water balance of our body to a certain extent, and is also responsible for the electrolyte balance of the human body, that is, the balance of sodium ions.

If you drink too much water, the burden on the kidneys will increase. A large amount of water will accumulate in the kidneys and kidneys, and the sodium ions in the blood will be excessively replaced, resulting in low blood sodium and long-term effects on the brain!

The brain is quite sensitive, the brain cells are too little water, the brain cells are swollen, the intracranial pressure is increased, causing headaches, repelling vomiting, bradycardia, decreased body temperature, etc., and even life-threatening.

In addition, it is especially important to remind parents who have babies that their kidneys are not well developed. Don’t feed them too much. Every summer, in the case of water poisoning in the baby, it is very common in hospital clinics.

I am a medical doctor. What do you think about drinking water?

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