Chinese female table tennis player Tian Zhixi changed South Korea to claim that Incheon Asian Games will defeat China_1

Chinese female table tennis player Tian Zhixi changed South Korea’s claim that the Incheon Asian Games will defeat China
Who is Tian Zhixi?Many table tennis fans may not be right, but they are completely familiar with the generals of the National Table Tennis Team.Tian Zhixi, who joined Korean nationality in 2011, is currently Chinese, and is looking forward to South Korea.Tian Zhixi, who has changed his nationality, said in an interview with South Korean media that he is determined to defeat the Chinese team at the Incheon Asian Games this year!  Tian Zhixi was a naturalized player who acquired Korean citizenship in January 2011. She was a disciple of Yin Xiao, a famous Chinese table tennis coach.In the 2006 Asian Table Tennis Championships cast in Jeju, she was 14 years old and well-known as a representative of the Chinese youth. She was once a team’s potential stock.However, because of the inability to withstand the fierce internal competition of China’s strongest table tennis country, China once closed the trough, and later chose to naturalize South Korea as a breakthrough.  Tian Zhixi even once had the idea of ending his career in table tennis, but he was determined to become a naturalized citizen of South Korea after the persuasion of an acquaintance.Tian Zhixi was determined to become a naturalist and gained Korean nationality after three years.According to ITTF regulations, naturalized athletes will participate in the Asian Games and the Olympic Games four years after naturalization, that is, from the 2014 Incheon Asian Games, Tian Zhixi will play on behalf of South Korea instead.  In an interview with South Korea’s Central Daily News, Tian Zhixi said: “Unlike China’s table tennis environment, coaches and peers in South Korea often encourage ‘you can do it, come on,’ and feel the power doubled when you hear these words.This makes me feel that there will always be someone around me, and my heart will become stronger.””It seems that Korean table tennis can make Tian Zhixi feel more warm.  According to ITTF regulations, players who change their nationality cannot participate in the World Table Tennis Championships within seven years, but can participate in this year’s Incheon Asian Games in South Korea.In the interview, Tian Zhixi unabashedly concealed his thoughts on the PK of the Chinese team. “Every time I see the South Korean flag, I will be very excited. Now I rank fourth in the world ranking. The fifth Chinese player is I have been in the youth team together.Teammate.Now I am a Korean who is playing on behalf of South Korea, thinking of defeating them.”Jin Jiongxi, coach of Tian Zhixi, also expressed the same concept of revenge,” Tian Zhixi’s current goal is to defeat China at the 2014 Incheon Asian Games and the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics.”  Tian Zhixi was born in 1992 in Langfang, Hebei, and entered the Luneng Club in 2005. He studied under the former coach of the National Table Tennis Team, Yin Xiao.In the two years of training for the national second team, due to the fierce competition in the national table tennis, Tian Zhixi’s level has been at the lower middle level.In the view of National Table Tennis, after participating in the competition on behalf of South Korea, Tian Zhixi has more opportunities to play world games and improved his ball skills, but the overall level is still at the upper middle level of the national second team, and there is still a gap with the top players of National Table Tennis.