CBA-Li Qiuping: Xinjiang senior officials tearfully invite to win the championship within 2 years at the latest_1

CBA-Li Qiuping: Xinjiang senior officials tearfully invite to win the championship within 2 years at the latest
May 21st, Valentine’s Day on the Internet, because this number signifies my willingness.But on this day, the Qingdao Double Star men’s basketball players are experiencing a parting.Because coach Li Qiuping, who led them to the best record in team history last season, announced that he will no longer coach the double star men’s basketball team next season, and Xinjiang will be the next stop in his coaching career.Faced with such changes, too many people already know.But when Director Li announced the news to everyone at the farewell banquet, the players were still sad.After all, the glory of last season is still in sight. Players and fans are all looking forward to Xiao Zhuge’s glory in Qingdao.Li Qiuping’s Xinjiang team was not under consideration. Reporter: When will the decision to coach in Xinjiang be made?  Li Qiuping: Five or six clubs came to me in the regular season last season, including Foshan and Fujian.It should be said that the Xinjiang team was not within my consideration at that time, because it was too far over there, and each time I played away, I had to fly for several hours.But after a more casual chance after the season, the leaders of Xinjiang Guanghui Group met me in Shanghai and their sincerity moved me.  Reporter: Is it because the conditions offered there are more favorable?  Li Qiuping: The signing of Xinjiang has nothing to do with the money. I haven’t even paid off the salary they offered, and I also understand that this double star salary will definitely promise me.What I value is the recognition of the club by leaders from Xinjiang.At that time, the leaders of the Guanghui Group told me that they spent a lot of money last season but did not make the playoffs. As a result, they were asked everywhere, and were said to feel that they could not lift their heads.He spoke with tears when he said these things to me.I felt at that time that the leaders care so much about this team, and this club is definitely hopeful.  Reporter: Here in Qingdao, I really hope you stay.  Li Qiuping: To be honest, I am an emotional person, and making this decision is not easy.I have been to Qingdao for a year. I have met many good friends both in Chengyang Base and in the city. I also have some relatives here.Every three people will gather together, so there is really no feeling of leaving home in Qingdao this year.At the end of the season, President Chai (Chairman of Double Star Group) and Discipline Bureau (Qi Gaoshang, Director of Qingdao Sports Bureau) also talked to me about contract renewal, indicating that our goal is to reach the playoffs in the year, but I have consideredStill decided to go out and try again.  Reporter: Will you bring the coach team here in Xinjiang?  Li Qiuping: Only Guidance Zheng (Assistant Zheng Zhilong) and I passed by, and other coaches will not move, including Guidance Ye (Ye Peng). This is my principle.In fact, I have other considerations for not renewing the contract with Double Star. When I was away from Shanghai, I promised a few coaches who had coached with me before. When I was stable, I would take them all.When I go to Xinjiang this time, I will bring those coaches together, and they all sign a guarantee contract.I hope my team has no worries.If they are taken to Qingdao, I believe that Double Star can be arranged, but the coaches here are enough. How to digest so many coaches is also a problem.A reporter who quarreled with his wife in Qingdao: Now I think that the past season is indeed a very beautiful season.  Li Qiuping: First of all, I would like to thank every member of this team, whether it is player coaches or staff.When I first came to Qingdao Doublestar through a thread drawn from the middle by a good friend of my wife, after all, I had been off for five years, and many people did not believe me. The contract that Doublestar had at the time was quite harsh.Signing a contract is a shameful thing, and I quarreled with my wife for this.Later, I would like to thank the Director of Discipline for his support, including many things last season.  Reporter: Xinjiang Men’s Basketball is not an easy coaching team.  Li Qiuping: I also know that coaching in another place may be good or bad.Staying in Qingdao, the environment here is very good, there are many friends; the only goal to go to Xinjiang is to win the championship, the runner-up is a failure.Although I haven’t made a counter offer for the salary offered to me there, I also made it clear that the team’s business must be the same as I was in Qingdao last season. They (the Xinjiang Club) also agreed, and the team listened to me., I also asked to write this in the contract, we both signed a three-year contract.  Reporter: Your departure will definitely have an impact on the Double Star team.  Li Qiuping: I understand that my departure now will definitely have an impact on the team. Here I am, they (double star players) will be more confident. After all, double foreign aid next season will be much harder than the third foreign aid last season.I also give them some suggestions, that is, the defense must be improved, to make the whole more durable.Last year Zhang Chengyu and Luo Xudong went up, and this year there is one less foreigner, so we need to put more emphasis on integrity.Just like this year’s NBA Hawks, speed up and shoot decisively.In fact, there is no star, which is a good thing and a bad thing. There may be no one to score at the critical moment, but if you open the opponent as a whole, it is more difficult to prevent.  Reporter: Any good suggestions for the construction of the club?  Li Qiuping: Now there are only two possibilities to improve performance, one is to introduce talents; the other is to make major adjustments and let young people play, and see the results after three years.There is no one in the market right now. Players like Li Gen can’t get a salary without four or five million.But we don’t have particularly good seedlings in the second team now. I used Yao Ming’s team in Shanghai to cut off the old ones and made preparations for three years. But if I can’t play for two consecutive yearsWell, I’m afraid that the leader will be unhappy.Go to Xinjiang to win the championship at the latest two years Reporter: The goal of going to Xinjiang is very clear is to win the championship, then when do you feel it will be achieved?  Li Qiuping: This team is very promising to win the championship, I feel the latest two years.The problem I have now is that according to the normal contract, I should report to Xinjiang on June 1, but most of the players there are not there. Liu Wei, Zhou Qi, and Ma Kan are on the national team, Xirelijiang is healing, and Liu Shunan is also.Come back at the end of the month.The remaining main forces include Su Wei, Cao Fei, and Yu Changdong, so practicing now is actually doing useless work.I was at Double Star last year, and the players are there anyway, and the ideas can be carried through.In Xinjiang, until the members of the Asian Championship national team come back in September, there is nothing to practice.So many of my ideas cannot be implemented this year, and should be similar in two years.  Reporter: Everyone thinks that Zhou Qi should have a big development in your hands, just like Yao Ming.  Li Qiuping: When I was in Seattle this year, Zhou Qi participated in the World Basketball Junior Summit in Portland, and we met.The question about his entry into the NBA is just like Yao Ming’s back then.Yao Ming was caught by the NBA in 1999, but he still had room to improve at the time. Scouts also believed that he was ranked lower at that time, and it was different by 2001.Zhou Qi also has a lot of room for improvement. The advantage for the Chinese to go to the NBA lies in height and flexibility. However, Zhou Qi is too thin now, and he cannot compete with the players there.  Reporter: Ever thought about being the head coach of the national team in the future?  Li Qiuping: (laughs) I may not be the head coach of the national team. For example, I think the training time of the national team is too early, and the leader is definitely not willing.If I had the final say, I would let the players concentrate again in June.After all, players need to rest after the league.Zhang Chengyu came back from the Olympic Games tonight. He heard that both the meniscus and the Achilles tendon were injured. This rhythm injury is too normal.There are also members of Beijing Liaoning who go to the plateau to practice physical fitness one week after the finals.