Winter Health: How to make our skin smoother?


Winter Health: How to make our skin smoother?

The reason for wrinkles is that the winter climate is cold, and everything will follow the law of inflating and shrinking. Our skin is also not listed.

Our skin capillaries begin to shrink under the cold and cool, and gradually, the skin begins to shrink. Slowly, when it can resist the cold outside, the skin no longer shrinks. When we rub the skin to warm the skin,Our skin begins to separate when heated, and our skin will return to a smooth state.

The reason for the dry skin is that the winter rains are less and the climate is drier.

Subsequently, the temperature is relatively low.

The climate is dry, the skin cannot be nourished in time, and the skin will dry out.

The weather is cold, the capillaries of the whole body contract, and the nutrients in the blood vessels cannot penetrate into the skin of the tissue in time through the blood vessel wall. The skin and skin will not be nourished and will dry.

In these two aspects, the reason for the relatively low temperature is a large part.

Washing your face with cold water in the winter, most people use hot water for face washing. Only a few people use cold water to wash their face. People who wash their faces often with cold water are smoother than those who wash their hands.

What is the reason?

Because washing your face with cold water can stimulate the rapid circulation of our body’s blood. The boots have more nutrients that penetrate the skin tissue through the blood vessel wall to nourish the skin, and can also improve the body’s ability to adapt to cold stimuli.

Therefore, the benefits of washing your face with cold water are great, which is why the popular winter swimming.

But not everyone is suitable for cold water wash, especially during women’s physiology, it is absolutely not available for cold water wash.

Older people or patients with vascular stress are also unsuitable.

The way to massage your face is to rub your skin with your hands to speed up blood flow and long-lasting skin.

This method is not only suitable for the face, but also alternately used up and down the whole body. You can also wash your face before washing your face with cold water, then wash your face with cold water.

Wiping the cream In addition to the above physical methods, we can also use a method of adding a protective film to the top to improve the skin’s resistance.

After washing your face every day, applying a protective film will not only benefit our skin’s health, but also the appearance of our skin. Unlike the above physical methods, it requires extra money.

In addition to improving the skin’s resistance, we also need to put a layer of tops on the skin to reduce the damage caused by cold evil.

Only by protecting our skin from the inside out can our skin stay in a smooth state.

More exercise, sweating through more exercise, sweating methods, can also promote the penetration of nutrients in the blood vessels into the skin tissue, long-term nutrition of our skin.

More exercise can not only make our skin more lustrous, but also improve the body’s resistance and organ function.

The so-called “all diseases inside, must be shaped outside”, this is the wisdom in the “Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic”, that is, as long as there is a problem in our body, it will be reflected on our external body and skin.

The nourishment of the skin requires the nutrition of our internal organs. Only when our internal organs are healthy can we nourish the body and nourish the skin.